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Marriage Proposal

You had a legendary love... So much so that you saw that you couldn't be apart from your love for even a single second... Now you decided to crown your great love with marriage... Or couldn't you decide what to do after this stage? You want to get married but you don't know how to propose, do you? If you are confused about a marriage proposal, you are at the right place! Now sit back and leave everything to us… Marriage proposal is undoubtedly the dream of every woman. Getting a marriage proposal before joining her life with the person she loves is the dream of almost all women. Making a marriage proposal on a boat is beyond imagination. If you want to cut off the feet of the woman you love and make her spend unforgettable moments, you can propose marriage to the person you love on the boat with the concepts we will prepare specially for you. Moreover, you can add a new one to unforgettable moments thanks to photos and videos. It doesn't just end with photos and videos. We will also allow you to spend more romantic moments with the laser show we will prepare while you are going to propose a surprise marriage. Our pick-up location is in Bebek, and it can be changed to Kuleli and Kandilli alternatively.